Yazdani Plastic Surgery is a full-service plastic surgery practice serving southern Ontario.

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YAZDANI PLASTIC SURGERY  is a full-service plastic surgery practice serving southern Ontario. We offer the full range of surgical cosmetic procedures including facial and breast procedures. We also perform minimally invasive treatments — from laser skin resurfacing to Botox® — as well as advanced medical-grade skincare. At our cosmetic surgery clinic located in London, Ontario, we offer plastic surgery for both men and women.

We offer the latest in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures to help you restore your self-confidence and achieve your goals. Our cosmetic clinic is clean, safe, and private, and our Royal College certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Arjang Yazdani, will provide you with a completely individualized treatment plan. Our goal is to determine exactly which kind of plastic surgery or treatment will help you achieve a natural and youthful appearance.

Our practice is a safe, non-judgemental environment where we focus on connecting with you. We’ve learned that our patients who undergo plastic surgery are most satisfied with their results when we have worked closely together from the beginning. Because our cosmetic clinic offers a complete range of treatment options, we can make sure you receive the treatment or plastic surgery procedure that will work best for you.

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How you see yourself and how others see you is likely very different. We want to ensure you will be happy looking in the mirror and others will simply see you at your best.

~ Dr. Yazdani

Types of Plastic Surgery We Offer

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Facial Procedures

When considering facial cosmetic surgery at our clinic, we’ll help you determine the best facial treatments for you. We offer advanced surgical procedures including facelifts, browlifts, nose reshaping, and more.

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Breast Procedures

Breast surgery is the largest part of our practice at Yazdani Plastic Surgery and we’re here to walk you through this often life-changing decision. We’ve completed hundreds of breast procedures including breast augmentations, lifts, and breast implant removals.

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Body Contouring Procedures

From patients that are post-pregnancy to those who are experiencing the effects of massive weight loss, our body contouring surgeries and procedures can help you restore your confidence. Dr. Yazdani will help you decide which type of cosmetic surgery is best for your body, be that liposuction or abdominoplasty.

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Skincare Procedures

Whether you are dealing with facial aging, chronic sun damage, acne and acne scarring, rosacea, or even dry skin, our skincare specialists are here to help. Our team is committed to delivering the most advanced cosmetic enhancements and trustworthy, excellent service. We determine your aesthetic goals and decide on the right skin treatment plan, including Botox®, fillers, scar care, and more.